A Check In

tenorWelcome to more 20 Time madness! If I’m going to be completely honest, Emily and I have only gotten together once since the last 20 Time blog post that I posted just over a month ago. Both of our lives have been crazy with school work and lots of preparation for our AP test tomorrow (gaaahh! AP Human Geography . . . wish us luck!!!) so we had to put this project on the back burner for a while in order to focus on things that had very imminent deadlines, but we’re almost back on track!

giphy-3When we did get together over this past month, we filled out the application for the food truck festival and we created a website that gives some information on our project and has an attachment that people can fill out to order some of the dog biscuits which we already have made. The website is in its preliminary stages, but you can still check it out here! Also, since the food truck festival is coming up very soon (Saturday, June 3) we are planning times when we can get together in order to churn out mass quantities of dog treats which everyone will love and hopefully we will be able to raise lots of money for MLAR!!


To Kill A Mockingbird Blog Post #3

Hi guys! In GHEnglish the past few weeks we finally finished To Kill A Mockingbird! After having finishing the book, I can definitely say that I would recommend everyone to read this book at some point in their lives because I feel like it discusses many topics that some people today are still uncomfortable with talking about in today’s society. The way that issues like race, discrimination, white supremacy, drug abuse, isolation, rape,


Reading TKAM when things start to go down…

alcoholism, and more are all looked at through the lens of a child allows for difficult topics like these to still be discussed, but in a way that’s not too intense or heavy for people to read about thanks to the ever-present aspect of childhood innocence that Scout brings to the story. I also think that Harper Lee probably shared many of the same views as Atticus on social issues, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to write the book the way that she did, especially in a time period full of racial injustice and discrimination. You can check out this interesting site to get some very good background on some of the awful things that happened to non-white people during the 1930s and on. Although the book was (and still is!) controversial, I think that it gives a really good insight into an important part of American history that can’t and shouldn’t be forgotten, and the way that Harper Lee wrote the book helps to ensure that people are well educated on the issues of our past so that we don’t repeat our country’s previous mistakes.



So in an earlier blog post, I mentioned that I was put in the group that was tasked with following two characters from the book, Boo Radley and Calpurnia. After following both of these characters’ journeys throughout the story, I’m excited to talk about my characters and some of the insights that I’ve gained from them throughout the book. Since the end of the book is when Boo had his time in the spotlight, I will mainly be talking about him in this blog post.


giphy-3In my previous blog post, I talked extensively about Calpurnia and her importance to the story, and many of the insights that I made in my last post still hold true to how I see Calpurnia after having finished the book. I think that Calpurnia is a somewhat flat, motherly character, and her main purpose to the story was to help keep the house in order as well as to teach Jem and Scout more about the ways of the world and help them grow up. While I don’t think that Calpurnia changed much throughout the book, I think that I gained a deeper appreciation for her character through her actions, demeanor, and lessons that she gave Jem and Scout throughout the book


2016-02-10-13_35_59Where do I even start with Boo Radley?? He’s a hero, a mockingbird, a stalker, a hermit, a murderer, what else could you ask for in a guy? Jokes aside though, I think that Boo is a true hero to the story and without his interference both Jem and Scout would have been killed at the hands of Bob Ewell. What I found really interesting is the way that Boo Radley was presented into the story, how he was hyped up to be such a menacing and mysterious character, but in reality he was just a shy man who was scared to be a part of the real world, hiding in the sanctuary of his home. Although we think that Boo has had no contact with the outside world, at the end of the book Scout realizes that Boo has always been watching:

“I looked behind me. To the left of the brown door was a long shuttered window. I walked to it, stood in front of it, and turned around. In daylight, I thought, you could see to the postoffice corner.

Daylight . . . in my mind, the night faded. It was daytime and the neighborhood was busy. Miss Stephanie Crawford crossed the street to tell the latest to Miss Rachel. Miss Maudie bent over her azaleas. It was summertime, and two children scampered down the sidewalk toward a man approaching in the distance. The man waved, and the children raced each other to him.

It was still summertime, and the children came closer.  . . . 

. . .  Fall, and his children trotted to and fro around the corner, the day’s woes and triumphs on their faces. They stopped at an oak tree, delighted, puzzled, apprehensive.

Winter, and his children shivered at the front gate, silhouetted against a blazing house.  . . .

Summer, and he watched his children’s heart break. Autumn again, and Boo’s children needed him” (page 279).

1422845041Although it wasn’t always apparent to us in the book, Boo was always a part of the story. He was in the same position as the reader, watching Jem and Scout grow and go through both the hardships and happy times of their lives. Boo may have even asked Scout to walk him home in an effort to show Scout that he had always been watching, and that he was a bigger part of everyone’s lives than they may know. I really admire the way that Harper Lee was able to incorporate Boo into the story in this way, without giving us too much insight into his life and maintaining Boo’s enigma-esque quality that first made the children intrigued by him.

So to mark the end of TKAM, we had two discussions in our GHEnglish class this past week! In the first discussion, we focused mainly on the very end of the book, talking a lot about when Bob Ewell was killed. The discussion revolved around who we thought did it, we came to the conclusion that Boo had killed Bob, and the ethics revolving the murder. Some people were wondering why there were so many different storigiphy-4es about the murder if Scout had seen it happen, but I think that Scout was too distressed from the experience to really know what had happened, despite her arguments that she was fine. Although Scout may want to deny it, she’s still a child and she still has a long ways to go before she’s grown up. All children want to act mature and brave at some points in their lives, and I think that after almost being killed, Scout wanted to put on a brave face for everyone to try to convince everyone, including herself, that she was fine despite the circumstances.

Our second discussion for TKAM was very different than the first, and we had to read “On a Certain Blindness in Human Beings” by William James before the second discussion took place. This essay, which we read just under half of, speaks very clearly of human nature and our understanding of one another, and it prompted one of my classmates to ask “Do we really lead secret lives if no one asks about them”. For some reason this question really stuck with me, and made me question the central theme of the book that our class has been focusing on, which is “the secret lives we lead”. I think that certain aspects of a person’s life which others may see as part of their “secret life” can only considered secret if this person is intentionally hiding them and/or they feel giphy-5guilty about these aspects of their life. Take Atticus, for example: I personally don’t think that Atticus’s shooting ability should be considered Atticus’s “secret life” because the children never asked about it. Atticus was always truthful with his children, and I think that if they had asked him if he could shoot well he would have told him about his past, but they never asked and he certainly wasn’t just going to go around telling them about his shooting days, since that was behind him. Also, Atticus said that he didn’t want his children to be too invested in guns, saying, “…I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand” (page 112). Atticus was never hiding his past from his children, he just wasn’t forthcoming with the information because he didn’t want his children revolving around that aspect of his life.

I think that everyone has some part of their lives that most people don’t know about, just because people don’t ask enough questions about others, or we don’t know the right questions to ask. I think that if we figure out more ways to connect with others and ask these important questions, then we may be able to learn much more about the people in our lives and the stories that they have to tell.

To Kill A Mockingbird Blog Post #2


TKAM starting to get interesting

So this week for GHEnglish we were tasked with reading To Kill A Mockingbird from chapters 10 to 14, and a lot went down in just five chapters! A dog was shot, Jem and Scout were the target of Mrs. Dubose’s torment and then they had to read to her as she was fighting a morphine addiction after Jem took his anger out on her flower bushes, Calpurnia took Jem and Scout to her church, Aunt Alexandra came to stay with the Finches in Maycomb, and Dill ran away and turned up at the Finch’s house in Maycomb. I have really enjoyed reading this book and so far, I feel like a lot has happened in the past 5 chapters which has made the book very interesting to read and has provoked lots of thinking throughout the book.

58d918d9e3bba7fcdfc4caa94792aae9As I mentioned in the last blog post, the two characters that I’ve been tasked with following throughout the book are Boo Radley and Calpurnia. Since Boo Radley wasn’t really featured in chapters 10-14, I’m only going to focus on Calpurnia in this section. I honestly feel like Calpurnia is somewhat of a flat character in the book. She’s not going through (at least she hasn’t thus far) any major character development and her main purpose in the book so far is just to take care of the kids and help Scout and Jem grow as people. I do think that Calpurnia is definitely an important character in the book and I think that Scout and Jem would be much different had they not had Calpurnia there to help guide them and act as a mother-figure for them, especially for Scout, but I feel like she’s going to be a very steady character in the book and she’s not really going to change. That’s okay though because the book isn’t focused on her changes, it’s focused on the changes and developments of characters like Scout and Jem, and even Boo Radley. The changes that these characters undergo is catalyzed by Calpurnia’s experience and wisdom, like with this quote:

smart-1“It’s not necessary to tell all you know. It’s not ladylike -in the second place, folks don’t like to have somebody around known’ more than they do. It aggravates ’em. You’re not gonna change any of them by talking’ right, they’ve got to want to learn themselves and when they don’t want to learn there’s nothing you can do but keep your mouth shut or talk their language.” (page 126)

With this quote, Calpurnia is giving the kids some very significant advice to help them be more careful of people’s feelings and to give them a piece of wisdom that they will be able to use the rest of their lives. I also feel like it was crucial for Calpurnia to give the children this bit of advice at this point in the book with the trial coming up so soon, since she wants to let the kids know that people will be angry with Atticus and the rest of the family for defending a black man and going against the typical nature and narrative of the town, and that they shouldn’t pay it any mind since people will always feel threatened by those who know more than they do.


Scout’s realization

I also feel like Calpurnia has helped the children to grow just by taking them to church and opening them up to another part of her life. Taking the kids to church gave them more insight into Calpurnia’s life, and allowed them to learn more about her and grow in the process of learning these things. After church, Scout reflected, “That Calpurnia led a modest double life never dawned on me. The idea that she had a separate existence outside our household was a novel one, to say nothing of her having command of two languages.” (page 125) This short quote serves to show that Calpurnia helps lead Scout and Jem and induces change in them, making them better, more thoughtful people.

tumblr_m3gy5msVOC1rs2k5vo1_250As always, we had a discussion in class on Thursday on the five chapters that we had read, and honestly the discussion wasn’t the best. Our class still hasn’t found our groove and our discussions aren’t very smooth, and only a few people talked during the discussion despite the attempts of our teacher to give us talking points. Since no one really talked and the discussion was a multitude of awkward silences, I could only grab one or two things from the discussion to talk about in this blog post.

Despite the lack of participation, one thing that I did like from the discussion and I was able to take away was one kid’s view on who the “mockingbird” of To Kill A Mockingbird really is. This person suggested that the mockingbird of the story suggests the African American community, not only the one in the town of Maycomb but all African Americans who were being oppressed during the time period of the book. I found this to be a very interesting take on the idea of the mockingbird in the story, and it’s definitely a view that I didn’t have before the discussion. I primarily thought of Boo as the mockingbird of the story thus far, since he has been punished for so long by his family when he didn’t really do anything wrong, but the suggestion that African Americans are mockingbirds as well definitely makes sense considering the time period. The person who gave this idea continued to say how Atticus is defending the mockingbird (African Americans) and not shooting them down (oppressing them) like everyone else in society, which I think is a very good insight considering the fact that Atticus was the one to say that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird in the first place.

Although that was a very good insight to come out of the discussion, that was about it for this week! Next week, I hope that our discussion will be able to go a bit more smoothly, and so I’m formulating some questions now which I hope will help promote some meaningful discussion:

  • Why do we compromise our knowledge for the sake of others?
    • This quote is directly related to the first quote from Calpurnia earlier in the blog post that I never got a chance to ask this past week, and I feel like we could start a good discussion off of this question
  • Can everyone be considered a mockingbird? Are there factors which make one person more of a mockingbird over others?
    • This is just a question that I’ve been asking myself throughout the book, and I’d like to see what other people have to say about it. I think that it would be interesting to see how different people might define a mockingbird and what place people may see mockingbirds having in our society.

To Kill A Mockingbird Blog Post #1


I’m really enjoying To Kill A Mockingbird, which I think is really encouraging! We’ve only  had to read chapters 1-9 so far (if it’s been a while since you’ve read the book you can check out the summary for the chapters here), but I already feel like this book is going to be the best book that we have to read for English this year. It’s by far more interesting than Haroun and the Sea of Stories and easier to relate to since it’s a story based around American history, and it’s infinitely easier to read than the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn since the vocabulary of the book is easier to understand and there is a better storyline in TKAM than there is in Huck Finn.

I feel like this story is also greatly improved by the fact that Scout is the narrator of the story. Her narration of the story using both reflection on the story as an adult and more direct narration of the situations as a child provides a look at more serious situations with a sense of childhood innocence, but also allows there to be internal reflection on the book from adult Scout. I also feel like Scout is a very likable and relatable character which helps people to be able to almost “step into her skin and walk around in it” and experience the plot of the book as though we were a part of it ourselves. It is certainly hard to understand the lives of others, as Atticus puts it You never really understand a 55-5233-stepping_into_shoes-1376949758
person until you consider things from his point of view”
, and since many people have parts of their lives that they keep hidden from the rest of the world, it’s often very difficult to look at the world exactly the way that another person does. Because we know all of Scout’s secrets and we are given a direct view of how she sees the world, her narration provides us with a metaphorical doorway into Maycomb County and eliminates the barrier that is usually present between different people’s experiences. This level of narration is very different from that of other the other stories that we’ve read so far this year, and I feel like that’s why this story is much different and in many ways better than Haroun and Huck Finn.


Everyone in the class has been assigned a main character to follow throughout the story, and I was put into the lucky group that gets to analyze two characters: Boo Radley and Calpurnia. Although I was annoyed at having to analyze two characters when the groups were first assigned, I do really like both of the characters that I’ve been assigned and I think that they’re both very interesting characters who play key roles in the story.

734210472I think that Calpurnia is a sweet character despite Scout’s distaste of her, and I think that Scout would be a very different character had she not had Calpurnia’s influence on her life. Calpurnia acts as a mother figure to Scout since Scout’s mother died when she was so young, as can be seen with how Calpurnia fusses over Scout. Calpurnia is always keeping Scout within “calling distance” and teaching her important things like how to write and how to properly treat all kinds of people no matter how one may see them. Without Calpurnia’s influence, Scout wouldn’t be the charismatic, smart girl that she is in the story, and I think that Atticus realizes this and greatly values Calpurnia’s presence in Scout’s life, which is why he says, “I’ve no intention of getting rid of her now, or ever.We couldn’t operate a single day without Cal, have you ever thought of that? You think about how much Cal does for you, and you mind her, you hear?”

duvall-to-kill-a-m-620x371I think that Boo Radley is a really interesting character that still very unknown at this point in the book. What I found really interesting about the story whenever it mentioned Boo Radley is the fact that it never featured any input from Boo himself. Everyone seems to know “everything” about Boo’s life, but he has no say in it at all and his feelings are never a part of the narrative that is circulated throughout the town. This leads to Boo being dehumanized in the county, almost treated as a phenomenon or a myth instead of people taking the time to realize that Boo is a person who has been severely mistreated for over a decade of his life. This really struck me when Dill was trying to get Jem to make Boo come out of the house and Jem related it to making a turtle come out maxresdefaultof his shell:

“Dill said striking a match under a turtle was hateful.  . . .

“How do you know a match don’t hurt him?”

“Turtles can’t feel, stupid,” said Jem. 

“Were you ever a turtle, huh?”

This quote really struck me because just because turtles aren’t human and can’t communicate their feelings, Jem thinks that they can’t feel pain and they don’t experience things the way that other living beings do. This is exactly what has happened with with Boo, where he has no way to communicate with others and let them know how  he feels, so many people can’t begin to interpret what kind of feelings Boo has. This interpretation of Boo makes him a very misunderstood character, and I think that Boo is not nearly as bad or insidious as everyone in the county makes him out to be.


tori-tkam-boo-radley-giftsIn our discussion about TKAM today, I feel like the most poignant part of the discussion was when we talked about why Jem was crying after the knot in the tree was filled with cement. I personally thought that Jem was crying because he finally realized that Boo is a real person who has been mistreated for so much of his life. Many other people in the class felt that Jem was actually crying because Jem would miss the gifts that Boo had been giving them in the tree, and would he missed that small bit of joy and excitement that he used to get from finding something new in the tree. I thought that it was interesting how people interpreted this differently, and I think that it shows how Harper Lee carefully formulated the novel in a way that gives many people different understandings of its meanings, making it a very objective story that gives more depth to the plot overall.

Although the discussion that we had today in class was fairly good, I think that many people are still unsure about the book many aspects and I think that there are still many questions as to how the book should be interpreted. I think that one question that would be good to ask for next week would be “What aspects of the story would be different if Boo was able to communicate his side of the story with the rest of the town” since that’s just a general question that I’ve been asking myself and I think would spur good discussion, and I also think that it would bring to light how different interpretations of something can change one’s thoughts. Another good question to ask would be “Is Boo the only one with a secret life?” I think that secret lives play a very important part in the story, and although the obvious secret life in the story is Boo’s since we don’t really know anything about him, but I think that many people in the county are probably hiding things as well. Scout may not be able to see it since she’s still very innocent, but I think that looking at other characters and what they may be hiding could provide a fuller insight on the community and further develop the story.

Learning New Things

20 Time has been going well overall! Emily and I haven’t been able to get together recently to make any more dog treats or to do any brainstorming on how to move the project forward, but this past week we did have a meeting with our mentor, and I think that it really helped to give a sense of direction to our project. Our mentor, who is the school’s graphic design teacher and one of the main people in charge of the food truck festival where we’ll be selling our treats, asked us lots of questions about our project, gave us more insight on how to start selling our dog treats and make it profitable, and gave us some ideas moving forward.


Taking the next steps!

During our meeting, our mentor suggested not doing the t-shirts at all, because the dog treats are the biggest selling point and he doesn’t want us to be pushing t-shirts on people, which can come off as annoying to buyers. We’re probably going to still make t-shirts for ourselves to wear at the booth when we’re selling, but we’re most likely not going to try to push t-shirts on people for extra sales. This actually helps us to better focus the efforts of our project moving forward, and we know what we’re going to have to focus on in the future. Our meeting also helped me to think about what I want to take away from this project. I think that our project will teach both Emily and I a lot about business, self direction, and l think that if we put in a lot of work for this project, we could turn it into a business, and the project will look very good on college and job applications as well 😉

One thing that both Emily and I have to do in the upcoming weeks is create a research paper that centers around our project. In my fourth blog post that I posted about a month ago, I created some driving questions for the project and the research paper. I think that some of the questions that I made (i.e. the ones that have to deal with dog nutrition) aren’t really going to help drive my paper at all. The one question that I made – “How will our money be able to improve the shelter and the conditions of all animals who don’t have homes?” – is probably the one question which I want to focus on out of the three that I’ve already formulated. I also want to


Emily and I taking off with our project

focus on starting up a business and how to run a business in my research paper, since I feel like I still need to learn a lot about running a business and how to keep one going before Emily and I are able to really take our project off the ground.

The Parental Paradox

Recently in GHEnglish we just finished reading Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and after reading it we had to write an essay or do a project on the book, and I decided to do an essay. There were many essay prompts given to us to choose from, and the one that really stuck out to me was the one that read, “Lionel Trilling says that Jim is Huck’s “true father”. Defend or refute this statement.” I think that this particular prompt stuck with me because in some of my double entry journals, which we had to do while reading the book, I had already touched on the subject of Jim being like a father figure to Huck, and I wanted to go deeper into those initial thoughts in the form of an essay. Continue reading

Moving Forward

This past weekend, Emily and I were very productive and put in some time as we work towards and plan for our final project in June. We sent out some emails together as well as started making the dog biscuits! We’ve been meaning to start making the biscuits for a long time, so it was very exciting to see parts of our project start to take some shape! You can check out the recipe that we used for the project here. Some things that we did differently than the recipe is we didn’t make the glaze yet since we weren’t sure how the glaze would hold for a couple months in the freezer and we made a double batch, which I would probably not recommend doing next time. The double batch was extremely greasy, which I would mainly hold the pumpkin accountable for since it most likely added more oil on top of the canola oil which we didn’t account for, but if we do a double batch again, I would definitely cut back on the amount of canola oil which we use in order to make the treats so they’re much less greasy, which would also call for less flour in the treats overall.


Despite the changes the treats not being perfect, the treats are definitely dog approved! My dog Charlotte loves them, especially because of the pumpkin and peanut butter in them, and she goes completely crazy for them already without the peanut butter bacon glaze! I’m lucky to have even gotten a picture of her before the treat was halfway devoured already. Overall, I would say that our baking extravaganza this past weekend was very successful, and we’re slowly but surely making progress forwards, as symbolized by the gif and the picture at the top of the post.



Eyes on the prize!

After getting over the obstacle of actually making the treats, I think that next Emily and I should next work on getting the word out about our project and start talking to people to see if there’s any places in which we would be able to sell our treats before our sale at the food truck festival. Recently, Emily and I have also been discussing creating an Etsy page and maybe even an Instagram page in order to spread the word about our project and to increase the number of people who we can reach with our products. So you may be hearing more details about one of these pages in the recent future!

Emily and I honestly won’t be able to work on our project at all this weekend because I’m in our school’s musical, Footloose, which is performing this weekend, and so I’m actually drowning in assignments, sleep deprivation, and theatrical spirit. Here’s a link to one of the extremely accurate student actor memes if you need some reference for how my life’s going right now. But after the show is over we’re going to get right back to work! We’ve set up a meeting with our mentor next Wednesday to discuss how to actually apply for the food truck festival, because for some reason we couldn’t figure it out, and also to talk about the design for our t-shirts, since our mentor is the graphic design teacher.

I feel like Emily and I are making good progress on this project, especially accounting for the fact that we are both really busy and we can only get together for a few hours every weekend or every few weekends. If our project were to end right now, I would feel pretty upset because we haven’t sold anything yet and despite just making the treats, and I would feel terrible since we haven’t raised any money to donate to MLAR yet. But we still have made significant progress that sets us up for selling our products, we just need to start selling it!

Also, one thing that our teacher wanted us to do was use social media to find people who have


Actual picture of me in social situations

done/are doing 20 Time Projects, and I have so far been unsuccessful in finding anyone doing similar 20 Time Projects to mine or any 20 Time Projects that seem very interesting. I’m not going to lie, this part of the project seems unnecessary to me, especially due to the fact that I can be rather socially awkward and I wouldn’t really make any meaningful relationships with any other person who’s doing a 20 Time Project by just talking to them on Twitter for a little bit. I may just be saying this because I haven’t found anybody else doing a cool 20 Time Project yet, but as of right now, I feel like there are more important aspects of the project which we can and should be focused on right now instead of trying to find other people to share projects with, basically.

So that’s it for this week guys! Talk to you next week!

The Review

It’s been a while since my last blog post about my 20 Time project! It’s been going pretty well since my last update on the project! Emily and I got together this past weekend to send out some emails and work on planning out where we’re going from here. Our emails were well met, and we have found a mentor for our project and we have decided on a final project, which I’m very excited about!

fd68827576b4ac8d7d698e20514f669fEmily and I are planning on selling our dog treats and t-shirts at the Perkiomen Valley Food Truck Festival that’s going on this June! This event, which is held at our school, is a really big event that was started last year at the school, and I’m really excited to be a part of it! It’s held out in the high school parking lot, with various food trucks and vendors selling items, and last year it was really well received and there was a huge turnout. Hopefully it will be a nice day, and many people will bring their dogs along with them, which they can then buy a treat for from our stand.

This past wgiphyeekend Emily and I also created a PowerPoint for our project pitch presentation which we did yesterday. Our whole GHEnglish class went into the tiny high school auditorium  and 6 or 7 teachers came down to listen to our presentations. Both Emily and I were nervous to give our presentation, but it was overall pretty well received by the three teachers who listened to our pitch.

The first teacher I’d say liked our ideas the best, and she gave good feedback about our presenting skills, which I think set us up well for our other two presentations. The second teacher didn’t really give much feedback, but she seemed to think that our project was a good idea and would be successful overall. The third teacher I thought liked our presentation, but she appeared to have lots of criticism of our project idea overall. She left a comment saying that she felt our selling of dog treats was “passive”, which I got a bit offended by at first, but I realize that if that’s how she felt then it’s good to get the criticism so that we can work harder to sell the dog treats and become more “aggressive” sellers.

I can definitely understand where she’s coming from, so I think moving forward Emilygiphy-2 and I should get in touch with multiple places in which we could possibly sell our dog treats, like at the Perk Valley Pet Eatery, outside of grocery stores like Redner’s, and maybe even set up an Etsy page where people could order our treats online. I think that overall the presentations helped to refocus us a bit on the direction of the project and made us see where we need to go from here. Emily and I have a lot of work to do in the upcoming weeks, but I think (hopefully) we can manage it with our schoolwork and everything.

So here’s my version of the timeline for this project in our upcoming weeks
(including what our teacher has added in for us to do):

March 16 Deliverables Project Pitch–see handout:  Autonomy,  Mastery, Purpose (AMP)

Search for a Mentor

If project is approved, complete the full 20 Time Proposal document. (see the “About” section of our Classroom page)
 For March 28

Continue to search for selling venues/and continue to email people further about the project

Start making dog treats!

March 21 Deliverables Project underway, Research is underway; Blog post #5.

Make dog treats, possibly an Etsy page and create tags to put onto each treat bag

April 4 Deliverables Video Blog pitch (AMP handout)  
April 18 Deliverables Blog #6–progress, research, images of progress
May 2 Deliverables Blog #8
May 16 Deliverables Blog #10
May 30 Deliverables Projects due…or next week.

The food truck festival is in June, but we’ll provide updates/ information about the festival after this date


Hello everyone! I’m very excited to share with you guys that Emily and I got together this past weekend to work on our project together, and we got a lot done! The dog picture up at the top of this post represents my happiness and peace with this project so far.

When Emily and I got together to work on our project, our biggest accomplishment was 2013-08-23-tumblr_m08celcrnt1r3isxuo1_500emailing Main Line Animal Rescue center, the shelter which we want to donate to, telling them about our project and seeing if they want to work with us. That may not sound like a lot, but for two teenage girls trying to formulate their ideas into words and trying to make their idea sound as formal as possible, it was a big task for us. Also, when we only had a few sentences of the email left, Emily accidentally deleted the email and we had to completely start over. That part of the email process was not very fun. Besides our minor setback, we finished up the email, sent it, and worked on the design for the t-shirts that Emily is going to be selling, which is turning out really well!

giphyCurrently, I’m trying to figure out how to link my Twitter (go follow it at: https://twitter.com/kates20time) to my blog posts. Since I’m can be a bit technologically challenged, this may take me awhile to do.


I’m also figuring out what questions are going to drive the project and research forward, and here are the three that I’ve thought of so far:

  • What are the key parts of dog nutrition?
  • Are there any everyday ingredients that may have certain health benefits for dogs or be dangerous to dogs?
  • How will our money be able to improve the shelter and the conditions of all animals who don’t have homes

These are the main parts of the project which I’m focusing on, and Emily is focusing more on the animal cruelty aspect of why we wanted to do this project, which is to help abused animals and to raise awareness about them. My questions help me focus on the cooking and baking skills and the desire to help animals which were fused together to make my project idea, and they also bring in a larger community with the study into animal cruelty.

So what does all this mean for the upcoming week? It definit369ely means that there will be some research happening in the upcoming week, and if all goes as planned, I do want to try to make at least a test batch of dog treats this weekend, and I think it would be beneficial for Emily and I to get together again to keep working on our project together, since we have to do a project pitch for next week. Overall it was a good week for 20 Time! Can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming week!

The Fog

20 Time started out so strong, and now I feel like I’m already spiraling downwards into the pit of 20 Time despair. If you take a look at my Week 2 20 Time entry, I had such hope, such dreams for this week and what I was going to get done, and now here I am with nothing but a headache and lots of self-loathing for not being productive.


Okay, so I may be exaggerating everything a little bit, but I honestly didn’t get as much done this week as I originally planned to. Emily and I have worked together a bit this week to brainstorm ideas for how we’re planning on moving forward with the project. We’ve been working on slogans or titles for our project and fundraising group, and one thing that we came up with was “Pals with Paws”, which I think is really cute and I think that it will be received positively. I am also currently working on making a Twitter account to link my blog posts to so as to share my posts with a larger audience, so I’ll update this post with the Twitter account later :).

For this coming week, I think that Emily and I should sit down together and really work onmeeting doing some planning for our project. We need to find a mentor, and I think that it would be good to talk to the shelter which we’re planning on donating to directly to see if there is anyone there who would be able to mentor us throughout the project. Also, I would like us to finalize a name for our project by next week.

I feel like this week served as a bit of a hill in the 20 Time Project which I had to go over, which was hard, but I feel that it was necessary as it served as a time for me to stop and evaluate how I felt the project was going so far. I think I had so much trouble in getting things done this week because it is the 20 Time Project, and this week I did’t have 20 percent of my time available to give this past week. This has made me realize that I need to get my act together if I want this project to do well for both me and Emily, so I’m hoping that this will give my project a boost.