A Check In

tenorWelcome to more 20 Time madness! If I’m going to be completely honest, Emily and I have only gotten together once since the last 20 Time blog post that I posted just over a month ago. Both of our lives have been crazy with school work and lots of preparation for our AP test tomorrow (gaaahh! AP Human Geography . . . wish us luck!!!) so we had to put this project on the back burner for a while in order to focus on things that had very imminent deadlines, but we’re almost back on track!

giphy-3When we did get together over this past month, we filled out the application for the food truck festival and we created a website that gives some information on our project and has an attachment that people can fill out to order some of the dog biscuits which we already have made. The website is in its preliminary stages, but you can still check it out here! Also, since the food truck festival is coming up very soon (Saturday, June 3) we are planning times when we can get together in order to churn out mass quantities of dog treats which everyone will love and hopefully we will be able to raise lots of money for MLAR!!


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