Learning New Things

20 Time has been going well overall! Emily and I haven’t been able to get together recently to make any more dog treats or to do any brainstorming on how to move the project forward, but this past week we did have a meeting with our mentor, and I think that it really helped to give a sense of direction to our project. Our mentor, who is the school’s graphic design teacher and one of the main people in charge of the food truck festival where we’ll be selling our treats, asked us lots of questions about our project, gave us more insight on how to start selling our dog treats and make it profitable, and gave us some ideas moving forward.


Taking the next steps!

During our meeting, our mentor suggested not doing the t-shirts at all, because the dog treats are the biggest selling point and he doesn’t want us to be pushing t-shirts on people, which can come off as annoying to buyers. We’re probably going to still make t-shirts for ourselves to wear at the booth when we’re selling, but we’re most likely not going to try to push t-shirts on people for extra sales. This actually helps us to better focus the efforts of our project moving forward, and we know what we’re going to have to focus on in the future. Our meeting also helped me to think about what I want to take away from this project. I think that our project will teach both Emily and I a lot about business, self direction, and l think that if we put in a lot of work for this project, we could turn it into a business, and the project will look very good on college and job applications as well 😉

One thing that both Emily and I have to do in the upcoming weeks is create a research paper that centers around our project. In my fourth blog post that I posted about a month ago, I created some driving questions for the project and the research paper. I think that some of the questions that I made (i.e. the ones that have to deal with dog nutrition) aren’t really going to help drive my paper at all. The one question that I made – “How will our money be able to improve the shelter and the conditions of all animals who don’t have homes?” – is probably the one question which I want to focus on out of the three that I’ve already formulated. I also want to


Emily and I taking off with our project

focus on starting up a business and how to run a business in my research paper, since I feel like I still need to learn a lot about running a business and how to keep one going before Emily and I are able to really take our project off the ground.


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