Moving Forward

This past weekend, Emily and I were very productive and put in some time as we work towards and plan for our final project in June. We sent out some emails together as well as started making the dog biscuits! We’ve been meaning to start making the biscuits for a long time, so it was very exciting to see parts of our project start to take some shape! You can check out the recipe that we used for the project here. Some things that we did differently than the recipe is we didn’t make the glaze yet since we weren’t sure how the glaze would hold for a couple months in the freezer and we made a double batch, which I would probably not recommend doing next time. The double batch was extremely greasy, which I would mainly hold the pumpkin accountable for since it most likely added more oil on top of the canola oil which we didn’t account for, but if we do a double batch again, I would definitely cut back on the amount of canola oil which we use in order to make the treats so they’re much less greasy, which would also call for less flour in the treats overall.


Despite the changes the treats not being perfect, the treats are definitely dog approved! My dog Charlotte loves them, especially because of the pumpkin and peanut butter in them, and she goes completely crazy for them already without the peanut butter bacon glaze! I’m lucky to have even gotten a picture of her before the treat was halfway devoured already. Overall, I would say that our baking extravaganza this past weekend was very successful, and we’re slowly but surely making progress forwards, as symbolized by the gif and the picture at the top of the post.



Eyes on the prize!

After getting over the obstacle of actually making the treats, I think that next Emily and I should next work on getting the word out about our project and start talking to people to see if there’s any places in which we would be able to sell our treats before our sale at the food truck festival. Recently, Emily and I have also been discussing creating an Etsy page and maybe even an Instagram page in order to spread the word about our project and to increase the number of people who we can reach with our products. So you may be hearing more details about one of these pages in the recent future!

Emily and I honestly won’t be able to work on our project at all this weekend because I’m in our school’s musical, Footloose, which is performing this weekend, and so I’m actually drowning in assignments, sleep deprivation, and theatrical spirit. Here’s a link to one of the extremely accurate student actor memes if you need some reference for how my life’s going right now. But after the show is over we’re going to get right back to work! We’ve set up a meeting with our mentor next Wednesday to discuss how to actually apply for the food truck festival, because for some reason we couldn’t figure it out, and also to talk about the design for our t-shirts, since our mentor is the graphic design teacher.

I feel like Emily and I are making good progress on this project, especially accounting for the fact that we are both really busy and we can only get together for a few hours every weekend or every few weekends. If our project were to end right now, I would feel pretty upset because we haven’t sold anything yet and despite just making the treats, and I would feel terrible since we haven’t raised any money to donate to MLAR yet. But we still have made significant progress that sets us up for selling our products, we just need to start selling it!

Also, one thing that our teacher wanted us to do was use social media to find people who have


Actual picture of me in social situations

done/are doing 20 Time Projects, and I have so far been unsuccessful in finding anyone doing similar 20 Time Projects to mine or any 20 Time Projects that seem very interesting. I’m not going to lie, this part of the project seems unnecessary to me, especially due to the fact that I can be rather socially awkward and I wouldn’t really make any meaningful relationships with any other person who’s doing a 20 Time Project by just talking to them on Twitter for a little bit. I may just be saying this because I haven’t found anybody else doing a cool 20 Time Project yet, but as of right now, I feel like there are more important aspects of the project which we can and should be focused on right now instead of trying to find other people to share projects with, basically.

So that’s it for this week guys! Talk to you next week!


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