The Review

It’s been a while since my last blog post about my 20 Time project! It’s been going pretty well since my last update on the project! Emily and I got together this past weekend to send out some emails and work on planning out where we’re going from here. Our emails were well met, and we have found a mentor for our project and we have decided on a final project, which I’m very excited about!

fd68827576b4ac8d7d698e20514f669fEmily and I are planning on selling our dog treats and t-shirts at the Perkiomen Valley Food Truck Festival that’s going on this June! This event, which is held at our school, is a really big event that was started last year at the school, and I’m really excited to be a part of it! It’s held out in the high school parking lot, with various food trucks and vendors selling items, and last year it was really well received and there was a huge turnout. Hopefully it will be a nice day, and many people will bring their dogs along with them, which they can then buy a treat for from our stand.

This past wgiphyeekend Emily and I also created a PowerPoint for our project pitch presentation which we did yesterday. Our whole GHEnglish class went into the tiny high school auditorium  and 6 or 7 teachers came down to listen to our presentations. Both Emily and I were nervous to give our presentation, but it was overall pretty well received by the three teachers who listened to our pitch.

The first teacher I’d say liked our ideas the best, and she gave good feedback about our presenting skills, which I think set us up well for our other two presentations. The second teacher didn’t really give much feedback, but she seemed to think that our project was a good idea and would be successful overall. The third teacher I thought liked our presentation, but she appeared to have lots of criticism of our project idea overall. She left a comment saying that she felt our selling of dog treats was “passive”, which I got a bit offended by at first, but I realize that if that’s how she felt then it’s good to get the criticism so that we can work harder to sell the dog treats and become more “aggressive” sellers.

I can definitely understand where she’s coming from, so I think moving forward Emilygiphy-2 and I should get in touch with multiple places in which we could possibly sell our dog treats, like at the Perk Valley Pet Eatery, outside of grocery stores like Redner’s, and maybe even set up an Etsy page where people could order our treats online. I think that overall the presentations helped to refocus us a bit on the direction of the project and made us see where we need to go from here. Emily and I have a lot of work to do in the upcoming weeks, but I think (hopefully) we can manage it with our schoolwork and everything.

So here’s my version of the timeline for this project in our upcoming weeks
(including what our teacher has added in for us to do):

March 16 Deliverables Project Pitch–see handout:  Autonomy,  Mastery, Purpose (AMP)

Search for a Mentor

If project is approved, complete the full 20 Time Proposal document. (see the “About” section of our Classroom page)
 For March 28

Continue to search for selling venues/and continue to email people further about the project

Start making dog treats!

March 21 Deliverables Project underway, Research is underway; Blog post #5.

Make dog treats, possibly an Etsy page and create tags to put onto each treat bag

April 4 Deliverables Video Blog pitch (AMP handout)  
April 18 Deliverables Blog #6–progress, research, images of progress
May 2 Deliverables Blog #8
May 16 Deliverables Blog #10
May 30 Deliverables Projects due…or next week.

The food truck festival is in June, but we’ll provide updates/ information about the festival after this date


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