Hello everyone! I’m very excited to share with you guys that Emily and I got together this past weekend to work on our project together, and we got a lot done! The dog picture up at the top of this post represents my happiness and peace with this project so far.

When Emily and I got together to work on our project, our biggest accomplishment was 2013-08-23-tumblr_m08celcrnt1r3isxuo1_500emailing Main Line Animal Rescue center, the shelter which we want to donate to, telling them about our project and seeing if they want to work with us. That may not sound like a lot, but for two teenage girls trying to formulate their ideas into words and trying to make their idea sound as formal as possible, it was a big task for us. Also, when we only had a few sentences of the email left, Emily accidentally deleted the email and we had to completely start over. That part of the email process was not very fun. Besides our minor setback, we finished up the email, sent it, and worked on the design for the t-shirts that Emily is going to be selling, which is turning out really well!

giphyCurrently, I’m trying to figure out how to link my Twitter (go follow it at: to my blog posts. Since I’m can be a bit technologically challenged, this may take me awhile to do.


I’m also figuring out what questions are going to drive the project and research forward, and here are the three that I’ve thought of so far:

  • What are the key parts of dog nutrition?
  • Are there any everyday ingredients that may have certain health benefits for dogs or be dangerous to dogs?
  • How will our money be able to improve the shelter and the conditions of all animals who don’t have homes

These are the main parts of the project which I’m focusing on, and Emily is focusing more on the animal cruelty aspect of why we wanted to do this project, which is to help abused animals and to raise awareness about them. My questions help me focus on the cooking and baking skills and the desire to help animals which were fused together to make my project idea, and they also bring in a larger community with the study into animal cruelty.

So what does all this mean for the upcoming week? It definit369ely means that there will be some research happening in the upcoming week, and if all goes as planned, I do want to try to make at least a test batch of dog treats this weekend, and I think it would be beneficial for Emily and I to get together again to keep working on our project together, since we have to do a project pitch for next week. Overall it was a good week for 20 Time! Can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming week!


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