The Fog

20 Time started out so strong, and now I feel like I’m already spiraling downwards into the pit of 20 Time despair. If you take a look at my Week 2 20 Time entry, I had such hope, such dreams for this week and what I was going to get done, and now here I am with nothing but a headache and lots of self-loathing for not being productive.


Okay, so I may be exaggerating everything a little bit, but I honestly didn’t get as much done this week as I originally planned to. Emily and I have worked together a bit this week to brainstorm ideas for how we’re planning on moving forward with the project. We’ve been working on slogans or titles for our project and fundraising group, and one thing that we came up with was “Pals with Paws”, which I think is really cute and I think that it will be received positively. I am also currently working on making a Twitter account to link my blog posts to so as to share my posts with a larger audience, so I’ll update this post with the Twitter account later :).

For this coming week, I think that Emily and I should sit down together and really work onmeeting doing some planning for our project. We need to find a mentor, and I think that it would be good to talk to the shelter which we’re planning on donating to directly to see if there is anyone there who would be able to mentor us throughout the project. Also, I would like us to finalize a name for our project by next week.

I feel like this week served as a bit of a hill in the 20 Time Project which I had to go over, which was hard, but I feel that it was necessary as it served as a time for me to stop and evaluate how I felt the project was going so far. I think I had so much trouble in getting things done this week because it is the 20 Time Project, and this week I did’t have 20 percent of my time available to give this past week. This has made me realize that I need to get my act together if I want this project to do well for both me and Emily, so I’m hoping that this will give my project a boost.


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