The Start

I’m excited to share with you guys what has been happening with my 20 Time Project so far! My project hasn’t taken shape yet (I’m not that good), but I have made some steps in the right direction.

My biggest achievement of the past week is my finding a partner to do the project with. I was talking to some of my friends in English about my project and we were all sharing our ideas, and it turns out that my friend Emily is making t-shirts to sell to make money to donate to a local shelter, so we decided to collaborate! You can check out her blog here.

meusyouWe haven’t exactly worked out all the details of our collaboration yet, but we’re definitely going to do something that ultimately helps local shelters. As I mentioned, Emily is going to be creating t-shirts to sell and I’m going to be making dog treats, either to donate to the shelter or to sell to raise money to donate to the shelters.

So what have I been doing this past week besides finding a collaborate? Research!! I’ve been trying to do lots of research about dog treats, dog nutrition, and dog treat recipes. My original plan was to create my own dog treats, but having done some research I feel like following a recipe might work out just as well. Some recipes that I found include these homemade dog treats from, these cute ones from, and these vegetarian dog biscuits from kingarthurflour.com1-cinnamonrolls

After having looked at what I’ve done so far, for next week I’m hoping to have settled on one or more recipes that I want to make and, if possible, I’d also like to try to formulate my own recipe, which doesn’t have to be done by next week, but should be decided on soon. I’m also planning on working more with Emily to come up with a name for our project and find out which local shelter in our area to support. That means emailing people and shelters, looking into local shelters in our area, and maybe even emailing or talking to local pet stores to see if they would be interested in selling our products to raise money for the shelters instead of donating the treats directly to the shelters.

Well, there you guys go for this week! I feel like right now my ideas are kind of a jumble of words and feelings (as can be seen with this blog post), but they’re all excited feelings, which I think is important for a successful project. Hopefully by next week I’ll have a more cohesive understanding of what’s going on and then I’ll be able to better relay those ideas here on my blog. I’ll update everyone about my project again next week!


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