20 Time has begun

It’s that time of year again — 20 Time Projects! I’m both dreading and anticipating this project, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. 20 Time allows me to grow and do things that I would not be able to do within the constraints of the classroom (click here to visit the 20 Time website to learn more about it). It allows me to be completely in charge of a project that’s important to me and it allows me to make an impact on a larger community. While this is very exciting to me, it’s also scary to be completely in charge of a project, to be the one to make the instructions for how the project should be done.


So what am I going to do for my project? Well, I’ve been throwing some ideas around lately, but I think the most poignant project that I’ve come up with so far is making dog treats and giving it to shelters. First of all, I really enjoy baking and cooking, and I feel like that’s an area that I can expand on and use to fuel my project, but I had some trouble thinking about how these skills could make an impact on a larger audience. I was thinking about working with a soup kitchen, making a food service box where I got the ingredients and a recipe and gave it to people (a homegrown Blue Apron service, if you will), working with a food pantry, but none of these ideas really spoke to me. Then a friend suggested working with an animal shelter, and the perfect idea was born!

dogtreats-8I’m very passionate about animals, especially dogs, and I’d take any opportunity I get to be able to help or work with animals. I think that this project is going to be a good amount of work, I’m going to have to learn about dog nutrition and any diet restrictions, I’ll have to test various recipes (my dog will be the official taste tester), and I’ll need to talk with local shelters in the area and see if they’re interested in working with me. If my plan with the shelter doesn’t work out I could try mp3_4024-300x223selling my dog treats, maybe to neighbors with dogs, or even try working with a local pet store. If I sold my dog treats instead of donating them to the shelter, I would donate the money most likely to a local shelter or to the ASPCA.


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