Reflect on Haroun Lens Project

As I’ve mentioned throughout my past few blog posts about Haroun and the Sea of Stories, we’ve had to look at the story through specific lenses, and my group’s lens was allegory. As a group, we were tasked with creating a project for our lens to present to the rest of the class to allow everyone in the class to learn about all of the different lenses to gain a broader view of the story through different lenses. This post is a reflection on the project and the process we went through in making it.

selena-phone-gif-jcWhen our group first started brainstorming what people our age use often and relate to well, and one of our first thoughts was, of course, our phones. We actually first started making our project as a Prezi, but there were some collaboration errors and we felt that a Prezi would overall be kind of generic and boring, so we decided to make an Instagram account instead. We felt than an Instagram would be more interesting and relative for people our age. You can check it out here.

I have tried to make an Instagram account before for my 20 Time Project last year, but I couldn’t get myself together enough to create a nice, put together page that embodied the idea that I was trying to get across for my project. Because of this, I was a little nervous about how the project was going to turn out, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. There’s lots of information on the account that tells everyone about our project and shows how we portrayed it by assigning people characters, and I personally think that the project was a success. The thing that was difficult about the project was working on it when we weren’t together. One member of our group didn’t have an Instagram, so they couldn’t work on it at all when we weren’t in class. Also, only one person could work on a post at a time, making it hard to format posts and collaborate on the ideas that we wanted to get across in the posts, but that wasn’t a major setback for our overall project.

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-4-59-28-pmFor projects in GHEnglish class, we get a specific rubric to follow, the Design Specs rubric.
This rubric grades on how beautiful, relevant, poignant, and unique our project is as a whole. If I were to give our project a grade, for ‘Make it Beautiful’ I would give us an 8. Our project presents multiple parts of the story, addressing showing artistic and interpretational beauty through our quotes, drawings, and pictures on the account.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-5-00-26-pm

For ‘Make it Relevant’ I would also
give us an 8, since the main idea of our project being on Instagram was so that it would be relevant for people our age. Also, we not only made it relevant to our age group, but the setup of the account clearly explains our lens and teaches people how to see through it.

For ‘Make it Poignant’ I would give us a 7. The character posts on our account give a new look on every character in the story, and they also create a better connection to the story. Since the page associates characters with the people in the pictures, it creates a better sense of definition for each character since we feel more connected to the people in the pictures, making the characters affect on people more poignant when we can see them as regular people.

For ‘Make it Unique’ I would give us an 8. It’s not everyday that you see a school project done on Instagram, but I think there should be. It creates an aesthetically pleasing way to organize information and better connects the project to life outside of just the classroom, and I feel that this is a very unique way to present information and that we executed it well.

giphy-2Moving forward, I would like to gain a following on the page, or at least make it more well known throughout people who may be reading the book, since I think it is a really good presentation of our lens that can benefit more than just people in our class. Also, if we do build up a following, we could possibly continue to post about Haroun or we could read and post more about the sister book to Haroun, Luka and the Fire of Life.

For whatever my next project may be in GHEnglish, I want to try to make it as unique as this project, going beyond the conventional PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. I think that this project has shown how effective unconventional presentations can be beneficial, and I would like to explore more presentation mediums.


One thought on “Reflect on Haroun Lens Project

  1. Garreth Heidt says:

    Excellent commentary, Kate. I totally agree with this. Though I will say, the content seemed to be lacking a bit. I don’t know that I came away with a really solid understanding of Allegory.


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